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Who should use SMS Marketing?

Increase your stickiness with your customers with SMS Marketing. Perfect for locking in appointments for real estate agents, hairdressers, doctors, auto mechanics, tradies, beauty salons and other services.

Autuomate communications and bookings to speed up the process. Whether you are a multinational company, a community organisation, a health care provider or a local school, an SMS Notification System will be your best investment.

Benefits for using SMS for Alerts & Notifications

  • – Broadcast to large groups instantly
  • – Receive delivery notifications
  • – Deliver messages at a low cost
  • – Fast delivery service
  • – Easy to use

Industries that use SMS Marketing


Banking & Finance

Bars & Restaurants


Call Centres

Competitions & Polls


Transport & Logistics





Human Resources




Real Estate




Travel & Hotels

Sporting Clubs & Associations

Emergency Services

Not for Profit


We integrate with 1000’s of the worlds most popular business apps

Why Use the SMS Marketing Gateway?

Your messages get delivered
Whether it’s a bulk SMS marketing campaign or transactional SMS at scale via our SMS Gateway API you need to be confident your messages are being delivered. ClickSend provides that confidence by the use of direct routes and 100% Uptime SLA Guarantee.
It’s so easy to send your messages
The Online SMS Gateway dashboard is super simple to use. Whether a sole trader or a CMO, you will have campaigns launched in minutes. And the SMS Gateway API is loved by developers around the world for its documentation, client libraries and ease of use.
Set Achievable Goals
Define the goal that you are setting, create criteria, understand the resources available, evaluate whether it is in reach and provide a timeframe of when you want your goal to be achieved.
Metrics That Matter
How do you measure the success of your social media campaign? For instance, how many people engaged with your social medai post? Another interesting question to ask yourself is, what classifies as successful to the marketing goals that you want to achieve?
Create Engaging Content
The type of content that is created can either make or break your messaging. Your overall business identity hangs in the content that you publish to your audience. Do you understand the positioning and branding of your business?