An Editing Tool Made by Marketers for Marketers

What is Billa Studio?

I’m currently using a marketing automation platform, but I need more tools to elevate my email marketing campaigns

Do you need more resources and tools for email marketing campaigns and landing pages?

Compelling marketing campaigns require creativity and content. That’s why we’ve built Billa Studio!

This is an editing tool made by marketers for marketers. This may be your new favourite hangout when it comes to digital marketing. We’re here to help you create better email marketing campaigns and landing pages. Create campaigns that will generate warm leads and bring in opportunities.

Optimise your productivity and meet your marketing goals faster. You can make email marketing collateral and landing pages quickly and easily. You can use Billa Studio in conjunction with other marketing tools. This is a platform-friendly editing tool!

Why do you need Billa Studio?

Integrate with Marketing Automation Platforms

This is a comprehensive editing tool to give you a marketing edge. Integrate and import your designs into global marketing automation platforms such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Marketo, ActiveCampaigns, and Eloqua. Billa Studio is a platform-friendly editing tool to take your marketing to the next level.

Billa Studio isn’t limited to one marketing automation platform. In fact, you can find Guides for Integrating with different marketing platforms here! While we were building it, we kept in mind that you should be able to carry on with your current marketing automation platforms hassle-free. We wanted to equip you with more capabilities so that you can execute the best marketing campaigns.

No Coding Required

Gone are the days you will need to spend hours learning HTML/CSS and coding. Dive straight into email marketing without having to worry or stress about pages and pages of code. Build your marketing campaign in minutes. Get access to editing tools, features, functions, and layouts.

Our intuitive design tools are built so you can create beautiful campaigns. Experience drag-and-drop features, common editing commands, and implement your campaign straight away into your marketing automation platform. You don’t need much to get started – simply Sign Up to Billa Studio.

Build Your Marketing Portfolio

Are you currently looking to upskill? Or are you job hunting and need to build your portfolio?

Marketing has evolved rapidly in the last few years and today’s marketers are required to wear multiple hats. Therefore, the more skills you have, the more well-rounded you become as a marketer. Businesses are looking for skills including content creation, graphic design, web design, campaign coordination, and even event management.

While many businesses are going through digital transformation, now is the right time to show off your email marketing capabilities. Demonstrate your email marketing skills during your interviews by providing examples of the campaigns made through Billa Studio.

Go into your interview with confidence by showcasing that you can deliver email marketing campaigns from end-to-end.

Email Marketing & Landing Page Editing Tools

Billa Studio is a place where you can build your marketing assets.

You can easily and quickly create your campaigns through Billa Studio. Simply use the drag-and-drop features, choose from 100+ templates, layouts, and icons. Leverage from a wide range of designs and layouts. Access functions where you can add text, images, buttons, headings, footers, hyperlinks and more. With loads of functions to help you customise your emails and landing pages just the way you want, you can create content within minutes.

Sign up to the Billa Studio today.