Upskill on Email Marketing Automation
Learn how to use email marketing automation so that you can create engaging online campaigns to generate new leads. Create a campaign to build brand loyalty & brand engagement. Your customers want to know what you've got to offer!
Design a Brilliant Website
Build a successful website on WordPress and transform visitors into prospects. Learn how to build and design captivating landing pages.
Become a Social Media Wizard
Have multiple social media accounts, but don't know where to begin? Learn how to manage, maintain and monitor your social media accounts.
Specialise in SMS Marketing
Get going and learn about SMS Marketing so you can quickly update your customers in real-time. Learn how to set up SMS notifications so you can keep your customers up to date with your services and products.

Why Upskill with Billa Digital

Future proof your career
The working environment is constantly evolving, and having digital skills is essential for adapting to industry changes.
Reduce the risk of redundancy
With the rise of global changes, having transferrable skills is a must. Show your employer how you can add more value to the business.
Position yourself for opportunities
Make more than just a good impression and make a positive impact in the workplace. Level up and upskill so you can get closer to that promotion!