3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important For Small Businesses

Email Marketing is just one of the many ways that you can connect with your customers. Whether you are just starting out or have a substantial database, it’s important to engage with your customers at the right place and time. You can quickly build trust and credibility through email marketing, by sending relevant content to the right people. Begin by making it super easy for your customers to subscribe to your mailing list, the less they need to fill out the better.

Here are three reasons why email marketing is important for small businesses.

Build Strong Long Term Customer Relationships

It’s important to send content that matters. What message are you trying to get across to your audience? Customers are more likely to engage with your emails when they find value out of it. A good start would be to personalise your emails through things like tokens. You can set up your emails so that you address each customer by their first name instead of having a generic greeting. This immediately creates more stickiness between your brand and your audience. You can also build credibility and trust by supporting your content with statistics or facts. This will also strengthen your messaging and make it more compelling.

Grow Your Database

Email marketing will help you build your army or tribe that are loyal to your brand. You need to stay relevant and actively connect with these customers as they are your biggest advocates for your brand. You can grow your customer database through many ways. For example, you could send a simple 10% promotional discount code to new website sign-ups. You could also make your mailing list feel exclusive by offering discounts only to those that have subscribed. Keep them close by updating them with the latest news, products and services that you offer, and let them be the first to know! Lastly, cross promote your mailing list on social media. You’ll find that you’l be able to build better online presence when you utilise multiple touchpoint or channels and use them simultaneously.


Once you understand what you want to send to your customers, you can plan and construct the flow of your emails. You will be able to build a framework where you will be able to map out who receives what content. Who are you sending your emails to and why would they want to receive that specific content? You can customise your lists and segment them depending on their geographic and demographics. Email marketing can save you time and money, as it can speed up the process of customer engagement. This beats hand delivering physical flyers to each mailbox around your neighbourhood. Enabling email automation can help you scale quicker and is more cost efficient. You can deliver large quantities of emails to different individuals, directly to your customers inbox.

So now you know three reasons why email marketing is important for small businesses. You can build stronger relationships with your customers, grow your mailing list and automate your marketing so that it scales with the rest of your business. Today’s customers wants to receive content that they can resonate and connect with. Your customers want to interact with a brand that they can trust and understands their needs.

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