5 Benefits of Google AdWords

1. Increase brand awareness

Back in the day, the best ways to advertise were through the local newspaper, radio and even billboards. However times has changed, and have continuously shifted rapidly. The attention span of end users are much shorter now, given how fast content is being produced and published every minute. Customers want answers in real time, and this is where Google Adwords can point them in the right direction. In turn, businesses can increase brand awareness through targeted online ads.

2. Outrank your competitors

Beat the competition and set up strategic campaigns to outrank them. The best way to start outranking other players is to conduct research and analyse where they sit in the rankings. Marketers can immerse themselves into the nitty gritty details of Google AdWords insights and reporting. They have the option to modify bids by lowering or increasing it depending on each ads performance.

3. Create strategic campaigns based on user’s demographics

By utilising the tools on Google AdWords, marketers can strategically customise campaigns to create targeted ads. They can create specific campaigns based on demographics such as age range, gender, status, location and interests. By doing so, ads bring more value since they are targeted to the most relevant audience.

4. Schedule your ads to reach your audience at the right time

Gone are the days where businesses splashed cash on ads being shown 24/7. Now marketers can schedule targeted ads and choose the timeframe they appear on the search results. This saves costs for businesses and brings in better ad results. Its best to schedule and setup live ads during the prime screen hours of the day.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with a specific website or mobile app. Businesses can make the most out of all the ad campaigns and target visitors on different advertising-supported websites through remarketing. Keep top-of-mind and increase conversion rates through Google Adwords remarketing features.

Stay relevant, but most importantly stay Google-able. Everyone uses search engines as a quick and easy resource. Therefore, running advertisements on Google AdWords can both increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to websites. Generate new leads and connect with relevant customers instantly through ad campaigns. To learn more, visit our Lead Gen Hub http://leadgenhub.com.au/google-ads/ or email us at team@billadigital.com.au