The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Wow, you weren’t expecting that were you? One minute your business is thriving; next you are hit with the aftermath of the corona outbreak. It’s times like these, when you ask yourself, how prepared is my business to adapt to these ever-changing global events? Our businesses are all facing challenging times as the economic impact of coronavirus starts to bite. How can I ensure that my business can survive during these difficult times?

Physical stores are forced to shut down and consumers are told to self-isolate. We are being forced to distance ourselves from the world as we fight this pandemic.

But distancing ourselves doesn’t mean we need to disconnect. It is during these times when we realise the importance of having a digital presence. If you don’t adapt and accept digital transformation, then your business will die. Adapt or die, as they say. This will be your only way to stay connected and remain relevant- in the digital world.

As you know, physical communication will be limited. We won’t be able to see our regular customers and engage with them as we used to. The solution is to connect through social media and digital marketing. Maintain those relationships. Don’t lose touch. Continue to serve them with your excellent customer service through various online platforms. As I said, you need to remain relevant or you will be forgotten.

Virtual experiences. Think about how you can offer your customers a virtual experience in your industry. Museums that have been forced to shut down, are offering museum enthusiasts a virtual tour in the comfort of their home. How can we assist you with a similar setup?

Yes, the government has placed bans on large social events. The solution? Organise a digital event and connect people together!

Restaurants/food industries are now turning to home deliveries as a way of adapting to the changing environment. An SMS marketing platform is the perfect way to instantly connect with your customers and keep them informed of deliveries at the click of a button. A lot of world-renowned chefs are connecting through social media and running masterclasses for their followers.

Oh and here is a great idea! Why not organise a virtual dinner party! Now that sounds like great fun.

Even our small local grocers have taken the necessary steps to adapt promptly, by setting up ecommerce websites and allowing consumers to place online orders for groceries. This is a prime example of how a small business has recognised the impact of the global changes and adjusted accordingly.

The important thing for businesses to understand is that yes, the world has changed and businesses are feeling the impact; but please don’t be discouraged. The digital world is your oyster. If there is one thing that the coronavirus has shown us, it is how to live online. At this crucial time, adaptation is so important. If you have any questions or need advice on how we can help you with your digital presence, please contact us to learn more.