To Outsource or not to Outsource

So you’re an online store owner. You’ve recently setup your shop front, and you’re ready to go. Your next step is to start running a successful SEO campaign. You’ve looked into it and you’re considering running an SEO campaign yourself, rather than outsourcing this crucial step to a professional digital agency. We hear this so often from so many online shop owners who were simply just trying to save costs. After the first failed attempt, they have reached out to us to help them to get their campaign going on the right track.

From our experience, and after speaking to so many shop owners, a lot of our customers have been misinformed about what it actually involves to run an SEO campaign. There seems to be a common misconception that an SEO campaign only entails keywords. This is a massive misunderstanding and we want to clear this up for you and tell you exactly why outsourcing your SEO campaign is the right choice and the best investment you have ever made. By the end of this blog you will be better informed about what exactly an SEO campaign requires and why outsourcing to a professional digital agency is the right choice.

So why should you outsource your SEO campaign to a professional agency?

Well, SEO experts are experts! Professionals in the field. We will have you hit the ground running in no time. We know all the ins and outs. We are up to date with Google’s latest trends and we know exactly how to utilise all tools effectively to optimise your campaign. We will work with you directly to ensure we help you achieve the results you need. An SEO campaign requires not just implementing but also monitoring. Google algorithms are constantly changing. Keyword popularity is fluctuating due to trend changes.  Do you as a business owner have time to do the right research, implement, monitor and continue to implement new strategies? Our team takes care of all of this. We are saving you so much time from the start as our team is continuously analysing the environment.

A lot of people are also unaware of Google guidelines when it comes to running an SEO campaign. You may not have even known there were guidelines that needed to be followed, and unfortunately it can be a little too easy to fall into the trap of breaking Google rules. SEO experts work with these rules and guidelines on a daily basis. They know what they are doing from the get-go, making sure that you don’t face any unwanted penalties.

The idea is to get your campaign running on the right track from the start. Save yourself the time and the money by getting a professional agency involved. It will be an important step towards a long-term strategy and the most crucial investment for your business. For more information, please visit our Lead Gen Hub or feel free to contact us at