Omnia Homes


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Omnia Homes is a home building company that specialises in building homes within Victoria, Australia. Being a HIA member for 20 years, Omnia Homes offers services from knockdown/rebuild to house and land packages, providing customers the option to completely customise the design of their dream home. Omnia Homes is a family-owned company and has been established in the building industry for over 20 years.



Omnia Homes had a goal to scale their existing business and increase their sale leads. Omnia Homes had an online presence with their existing website, however the website required an update to enhance its appeal and improve it’s perception. Being in a competitive industry, this was quite important to ensure that Omnia Homes could compete in the market.



To begin with, the website was renovated and enhanced by improving the layout and updating the content to ensure it was more user friendly. The website was equipped with live chat which has significantly helped to drive more inquiries from customers.

To improve the website traffic, we have been actively running paid advertising, Google and Facebook ads as well as running SEO campaigns to improve search rankings. To add, we have created a Sales Generator referred to as Home Quotation on the Omnia Homes website. Sales Generator works in the form of a questionnaire which provides customers with house and land package results based on their selections and in turn, the inquiry is sent to Omnia Homes as a new lead.