Parfum Palais


Platform: Shopify

Parfum Palais is an online virtual perfume parlour for fragrance lovers. This retail ecommerce website showcases all well-known luxury designer fragrances that we know and love. We worked closely with the client to understand their vision, their business ideas and strategies before turning their dream into a reality.



As a newly established ecommerce website, Parfum Palais had no online presence. Our initial marketing goal was to establish brand awareness globally as the client was very keen to expand opportunities in a wider market. The client had no expertise in applying important marketing strategies to expand into the global market and they did not have the knowledge of utilising a small marketing budget to raise brand awareness.



Parfum Palais was very keen to expand into the Australasian market and raise its brand awareness in these territories. Through targeted social media ads and Google ads, we were able to raise a great profile for Parfum Palais and establish a strong presence in both regions given the budget we had to work with.

As a long-term strategy, we used SEO to gradually improve Google rankings and allow perfume enthusiasts to find Parfum Palais through an easy Google search.



  • Paid advertising: Google ads and Facebook
  • Social media post updates: Instagram and Facebook
  • SEO
  • Website marketing banners and content updated as required.


All products on the website were uploaded via a data feed.

The customers payment gateway was integrated into the website to capture all transactions.

Email configurations were updated as per customers instruction.

Static content update throughout the entire website was completed with customer’s approval